From Blantyre to Lilongwe, to Mzuzu in the North, Malawi takes your breath away with each blink of an eye. A landlocked country, Malawi is defined by its topography of highlands split by the Great Rift Valley and enormous Lake Malawi ā€“ Lake of Stars.

For all the aesthetic allure that Malawi can offer, nothing can prepare you for the spirit of its beautiful people. Your memory of Malawi will always include the warm, hearty smiles of the people that have crossed your path. An agriculturally dominant country, the Malawian people have much to offer with their knowledge and experience in farming ā€“ from groundnuts to tobacco.

The hot, humid climate in the lowlands, coupled with the more temperate climates found in the central and northern areas makes Malawi ideal for agriculture. With almost 80% of Malawi reliant on agricultural activities - the soil, the climate and, most of all, the people with their insight, expertise and abilities - earns Malawi first place as a choice for investment opportunities.

As with many Sub-Saharan countries that rely on crops for sustenance, Malawi runs the risk of soil degradation due to nutrient loss. Bringing hemp into the equation can significantly eradicate this problem. The hemp plant not only cleanses the soil from toxins, like heavy metals, but nourishes the soil to avoid further degradation, while providing opportunities of employment and income.


With much of the Malawian countryside suitable for agriculture, from the hot, humid lowlands of the Great Rift Valley to the more temperate upland regions that surround it, Ikaros Africa endeavours to bring their cumulative experience of over 50 years in the medical agricultural industry, to the heart of Malawi.

Whilst the cultivation, processing and selling of hemp and hemp-related products remains illegal in Malawi, Ikaros Africa aims to further promote one of the three big Cā€™s of this agriculturally dependent country: Chamba (hemp), Chombe (tea) and Chambo (tilapia fish). With so much misconception and misinformation about hemp - particularly in the unfounded association between hemp used for medicinal purposes and fibre-based products, and the illegal narcotic, marijuana ā€“ Ikaros aspires to promote the economical and agricultural benefits of hemp cultivation and processing, through the expansion of legal cultivation and trade.

With the recent change in perception, the Malawian Government has been working through the processes of legalizing the cultivation, processing and sale of hemp-based products and extracts. Being a new industry for Malawi, it will require new legislation, regulation and policy changes. In this regard, a group of well-known and respected individuals, all experts in their fields and who are intimately familiar with the industry, have united to form Malawi Hemp Association. This association aims to work closely together with the various government department of the Malawian Government, to assist in creating appropriate legislative, regulatory and policy framework, thus ensuring strict oversight and management of the industry.


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