About Ikaros Africa

Who We Are

Ikaros Africa is a Malawian-based and registered entity, which endeavours to be the impetus in establishing an inclusive, shared-value industry of hemp-based products within Malawi. We have a proud and successful history of establishing a large-scale cultivation and production facility in Malawi, working closely with local authorities and local people, and successfully navigating the legal climate to legally register hemp seed varieties for distribution to licensed cultivators.
After 3 years of carefully supervised research trials, Ikaros Africa is now a licensed distributor of 6 varieties of high-CBD (cannabidiol) hemp seeds for the cultivation of medical cannabis in Malawi. Despite a rich history and invaluable industry experience, we are now one hundred percent focused on maintaining our legacy as the number one destination for buying hemp seeds in Malawi. Standing side by side with the people and Government of Malawi, Ikaros Africa is committed to being part of a brighter future for the local communities.

The Ikaros Group

The Ikaros Group is an integrated cannabis company focusing on the wellness and recreational, where permissible, market segments within Central, Eastern & Southern Africa. Our mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through the provision of affordable and trusted cannabis products, including, among other things, high-CBD hemp seeds and medical-grade concentrates. Our goal is to become the leading cannabis company in our market segments of choice in Central, Eastern & Southern Africa.


Commenced activities.
Ikaros Africa Ltd incorporated in Malawi, due to favourable weather conditions and political will to initiate cannabis research and legalisation.
Entered into memorandum of understanding with Ministry of Agriculture to evaluate medical cannabis varieties in Malawi and carry out commercial trials.

Established farming operation at Chitala Research Station – the first legal cultivator of medical cannabis in Malawi (and most of Africa). Trialled 8 strains on 2 hectares of land, yielding 122kg of tumbled “shake” from 1st and 2nd legal harvests of cannabis in Malawi.

Established the Malawi Hemp Association to facilitate industry creation.
Introduced new investors to fund further development of the business.

Farming operation at Chitala Research Station expanded to 6 Ha and 22,000 plants (5th largest legal cannabis farm in the world at the time).
Third-party agronomic consultant conducted site visit to farm to provide expertise and assist with the development of local fertiliser, nutrient, and organic pest control protocols.

Expertise developed in relation to large scale cultivation in Malawi: Available grow medium; nutrient feeding program; pests; soil conditions; drying conditions; cutting and cloning; and yield.

Third legal harvest of cannabis in Malawi, producing 440Kg of dried cannabis flower.

First legal transporter of cannabis in Malawi.

Established 2,120m2 processing facility in Lilongwe.

Commissioned supercritical CO2 extraction and further processing line to produce Malawi’s first legal CBD extract.

Commenced outdoor supplemental lighting trials.
Harvest of 1,000 plants yielded 280 kg of dried cannabis flower, using supplemental lighting to extend daylight hours.

Seed Registration: Six strains formally registered and released by DARS and the Agricultural Technology Clearing Committee (mandated by Malawi’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to approve and release all agricultural technologies for use by farmers in Malawi). Registered strains include Critical, Dinamed, Dinamed Plus, Kush, Organic, and Sour.

Placed entire business in care and maintenance mode, due to: 1. Delays with legislative process and formation of regulatory authority, and 2. Impact of COVID-19 on ability to operate and travel to and from Malawi.
Commenced registered seeds supply.

Meet the Ikaros Board

André De Oliveira
Non-executive director
Entrepreneur and serial investor, with specific interest in large scale African project finance. Notable knowledge and experience on a varied portfolio of projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. Masters degree in Architecture from the University of KZN.
FOUNDER & Executive Director
Experienced entrepreneur. Cannabis industry and product pioneer, with over 15 years experience at various industry levels. Online retailer business expert.
Chauncy Mopho Jere
Executive Director & Country Manager
Political influence and networker. Chairman of the National Hemp Association. Interim Chairman of the Cannabis Cooperative Council. Successful entrepreneur with experience in IT infrastructure and cyber crime, logistics and transport, having worked in the USA and UK for almost a decade.
Clavel Mhango
Executive Director
Cannabis industry pioneer, over 20 years practical experience. Facilitated entry into Malawi. Cultivation and processing expert.
Jason van dijk
Non-executive Director
Attorney with 12 years of commercial and regulatory legal experience. 7 years of cannabis-related experience at a commercial and market-development level as well as successful personal medical treatment. Non-executive director of Shadow Capital Limited.


Senior management and shareholders have 70 years combined experience in the cannabis and closely-related industries including cultivation, extraction, formulation, medicament distribution, finance, legal, and project development on the continent of Africa.

We have previously employed 12 permanent staff and established relationships with around 40 seasonal agricultural workers at our Chitala farming operation. Administrative functions (accounting, auditing, insurance brokerage and cover, legal & tax) and technical support functions (tradesmen) were all outsourced to Malawian entities.